Thursday, August 14

are you dead or are you sleepin'?

So it's been a while. I've been in a bit of a creative slump this summer. Not just this summer. More like the last two seasons.
It's frustrating to look back at the past few months and really see nothing productive. I've been nannying, but all that entails is sitting around, waiting to taxi siblings to their various engagements. I've gotten reading done, but even that seems not much of an achievement. Now, summer is practically over. The expanse of time where I could have done so much while free from the constraints of studying is rocketing to a close. And I have done nothing but dry up and harden into a clump of...something uninspired.
One day, I received an unexpected package in the mail, and I felt something inside of me stir for the first time in ages. Somehow, she sensed what I needed without even knowing exactly what was going on. Best friends can be like that sometimes.

Thanks, Carly, for waking me up.

Okay, the stars are really a rip off of some shoes my mom decorated for me as a kid, but I loved those shoes. Now I can have them again.

Sunday, April 6


Never EVER take twenty-two credits in a semester. Even if lots of them were "just" studio classes. Or sounded interesting. Or involved little more than playing "Oh When the Saints..." on the piano.

Someday, I will post a substantial entry.

I did run across this during a break from my Spanish essay. A few of my favorites:

Thursday, March 13


"It's a vagina, madam, not a clown car."

Friday, February 15


My amazing roomie had a midnight craft session.

The final product:

Wednesday, February 13


This entry will prove to be entirely pointless.

I spent half an hour tonight looking at pictures of countless dogs dressed up to look like bees. It was hilarious. All of the dogs looked so much like they did not want to be dressed up like bees, but there was very little the poor animals could do about the situation.

Here are some of my favorites:

This dog isn't even dressed up like a bee. He's been painted!

Monday, February 11


My apologies.

I've been so busy with school. There's little time for crafts or fun writing these days.

Here's a little guy I made for Kate. I was inspired by this.

I also spent a little time taking photos of Carly's Phonograph. It's super-cool.

Okay. I SWEAR I will eventually have pictures of more owls, some partridges, and mittens on here soon. And maybe I'll even write something halfway decent.

Wednesday, January 30


The first day of class, Bushey talked about Wabi-sabi.

Fourteen days later, I took these two photos.